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Transforming to FutureCoal: The Global Alliance for Sustainable Coal



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After 38 years the World Coal Association (WCA) will cease and usher in a new era under the transformative branding: FutureCoal The Global Alliance for Sustainable Coal.

Unveiling the new brand logo and identity at a dedicated press conference in Delhi, FutureCoal Chief Executive, Michelle Manook, said the change responded to a call from coal and coal allied sectors to modernise, and unite under a common purpose.

The FutureCoal organisation will now open its doors representing major and strategic players across the entire coal value chain. The organisation advocates for an inclusive all fuels and all technologies international policy framework to support the sovereign rights of all coal producing and consuming nations and those nations and stakeholders which genuinely seek to support them.

For too long our global coal value chain has allowed anti-coal sentiment to dominate and fragment us, which has resulted in a lowering of the global coal IQ. This has diminished the capacity and progress of many vulnerable developing and emerging nations, but also now we see, those of some developed nations.

FutureCoal may seem bold to some but for many it is simply representative of the reality we are confronted with. The total contribution of coal to our modern society and the growing global population should neither be dismissed nor disregarded. Coal and more specifically, a wider definition of abated coal solutions exists and will be needed in any energy transition. This critical resource is a legitimate participant in both economic development and emissions abatement, she said.

The FutureCoal Global Alliance will embed this transformation through Sustainable Coal Stewardship (SCS). The SCS platform allows coal-based economies like India and China and like-minded nations, and corporations to form collaborations to advance a progressive and technology and solutions led international coal value chain industry.

Ms Manook added that The total contribution made by the coal value chain in sectors including power, steel, cement, aluminium, chemicals, and renewables infrastructure is in the order of hundreds of billions and is an interconnected global supply chain. This cannot be ignored but equally it can only be secured by our value chain acknowledging that change must occur. If we are to be responsible, then we need to be inclusive, and unite under our common purpose.

We know that we must emerge and demonstrate a modernised, innovative and technology led UNITED coal value chain, focused on continuing to make a substantial future contribution to peoples lives and livelihoods.

Many coal producing and consuming nations, governments, industry and investors have signalled their intent to be officially associated with and join the FutureCoal global organisation.

FutureCoal Chairman July Ndlovu said, You have asked, and we have responded. The platform for collaboration, in the best interests of our global community, now exists – in FutureCoal. The leaders of this new legacy understand that this is our responsibility to the future. That this future is before us. And that this future is now.

FutureCoal Chief Executive Michelle Manook
FutureCoal Chief Executive Michelle Manook



(1) What is FutureCoal?

The FutureCoal Global Alliance is the worlds only multi-lateral, neutral and progressive organisation representing the entire coal value chain which is dedicated to raising awareness on the significant total contribution of coal.

The Global Alliance educates on the critical resource coal and its immense and continued involvement in bettering the lives and livelihoods of our global community. The Alliance recognises that as an integrated coal value chain, we must serve to support both economic and environmental national and international ambitions.

It opens up new avenues of collaboration and unites all coal and coal allied sector stakeholders representing thermal, metallurgical, renewable supply chains and coal innovation sectors with corporate members and national industry partners based in major coal economies and markets including Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, United States, and Zimbabwe.

It believes that coal, when used responsibly and sustainably, can contribute significantly to both economic growth and environmental sustainability.

FutureCoal is underpinned by Sustainable Coal Stewardship.

(2) What is Sustainable Coal Stewardship?

Sustainable Coal Stewardship (SCS) provides a pathway which supports extracting more value per tonne of coal. Value is determined and measured in both economic and environmental benefits.

SCS describes an intent, approach and a broader definition of the abatement opportunities that the coal value chain has to modernise and transform their coal and allied businesses to meet and advance the needs of our global society.

SCS does not prescribe what abatement opportunities should be adopted by any nation or company. Rather it supports the right to choose and establishment of a coal ecosystem which includes options of efficiency, process improvements, health and safety, emissions reduction including carbon abatement, waste management and recycling, land rehabilitation, technology advancement and innovation.

Specifically, SCS comprises three components:

1. Pre-combustion

Pre- combustion describes the abatement opportunities available to the upstream sector in the coal value chain. These include, but are not limited to, the adoption of efficient and innovative mining processes, practices and equipment including electrification, intelligent platforms, digitalisation, waste management, recycling, dust and water management, management of surface subsidence, land disturbance and rehabilitation, methane management, renewable power, efficient coal processing, washing and beneficiation practices.

2. Combustion

Combustion describes the range of efficiency technologies which when combined support power and heat utilities to abate and capture up to 99% of emissions.

These include high-efficiency and low emissions (HELE) plants such as Ultra Super Critical (USC), Combined Heat and Power (CHP), electricity production from coal gasification (Integrated Gasification in Combined Cycle (IGCC), and co-firing coal with biomass.

These technologies can also be combined with emission mitigation technologies such as lowering SOx emissions through Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD), particulate matter control (through Electrostatic precipitators or ESP and bag or ESP and bag filters), low NOx systems, and carbon capture storage and utilisation and storage (CCS/CCUS).

These technologies also have broader industrial applications including steel and cement production and processing where cleaner technologies, reuse and recycling of by-products from the emission capture technologies also play an essential role, such as the reuse of CO2 for chemicals production and enhanced oil recovery.

3. Beyond Combustion

Beyond Combustion encapsulates a vision where future business opportunities expand further to transforming coal into new higher value products, such as Coal-to-Liquids (CTL), creating synthetic liquid hydrocarbons, hydrogen, methanol, and agri-chemicals most of which are being produced today. Coal and coal waste acting as a secondary resource for cementitious materials, including fly ash from power stations and slag from ironmaking blast furnaces which are valuable to the construction sector to replace cement. Critical minerals, essential for our digitised and electrified future, such as rare earth metals, which can be harvested from coal waste. Coal and waste recycling from the value chain which drives a responsible and transformative change in society, providing a source of advanced materials such as graphene and carbon fibre, while also meeting the most basic needs such as water filtration in developing regions suffering water scarcity. At the heart of Beyond Combustion is technology and innovation to provide solutions for a growing urbanised and modernised global society.

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Press Release

100,000 Patients Place Their Trust in PlacidWay Medical Tourism in 2024



In a remarkable achievement reflecting the growing trend of medical tourism, PlacidWay, the leading platform in the industry, proudly announces a significant milestone: 100,000 patient referrals in 2024. This surge in demand not only highlights the increasing confidence in seeking medical solutions beyond national borders but also underscores the pivotal role PlacidWay plays in facilitating global healthcare access. 

Central to our success is the robust network of PlacidWay, comprising over 1,500 medical providers across more than 50 countries worldwide. From prestigious JCI-certified hospitals to specialized clinics with international accreditations and staffed by highly skilled medical professionals, our network is unparalleled in its breadth and depth. 

The synergy between PlacidWay and our network of medical providers is instrumental in meeting the diverse needs and expectations of patients. Through the PlacidWay platform, providers can showcase their services, engage directly with prospective patients, and offer virtual consultations, ensuring a seamless and transparent medical journey. 

Pramod Goel, CEO and Founder of PlacidWay Medical Tourism, reflects on this achievement with profound gratitude, stating, “As we celebrate this milestone, we are deeply moved by the trust and confidence patients worldwide have bestowed upon us. Our mission has always been to dismantle barriers to healthcare access and to instill hope and healing across borders. Each patient inquiry symbolizes a narrative, a journey, and a life influenced by our collective endeavors. In partnership with our dedicated network of medical providers, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in global healthcare and empowering patients to make informed decisions about their well-being.” 

This patient-centric approach, fortified by a global network of trusted medical partners, has been pivotal in driving PlacidWay’s success in garnering 100,000 patient referrals in 2024. Patients place their trust in us, recognizing the quality and diversity of medical options available through our platform and the assurance of being cared for by proficient medical professionals worldwide. 

Notably, these inquiries encompass a wide spectrum of medical procedures, ranging from dental and aesthetic treatments to complex surgeries, oncological interventions, and intricate neurological procedures. This expansive array of medical services underscores our commitment to catering to diverse healthcare needs with unwavering standards of excellence. 

As medical tourism continues to emerge as a viable solution for individuals seeking international medical care, the collaborative efforts between PlacidWay and our global network of medical providers stand as a beacon of hope, promising enhanced access to premium healthcare services worldwide. This milestone achievement is a testament to the transformative potential of medical tourism in reshaping the global healthcare landscape for the better. 

Media contact

Company name: PlacidWay Medical Tourism

Contact name: PlacidWay Team

Email: [email protected]


Country: US

Phone: +1.888.296.6664

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Press Release

RunesFi Announces Successful Completion of Phase 1 Testnet and Upcoming Phase 2 Launch



RunesFi, a Premier Infra hub for Runes Protocol on the Bitcoin network, is excited to announce the successful completion of Phase 1 of its incentivized test net, which achieved over $3 million in trading volume. Following this milestone, RunesFi is preparing for the highly anticipated launch of Phase 2 of its testnet.

Phase 1 Testnet Success

RunesFi’s Phase 1 testnet has demonstrated robust engagement and significant trading activity, surpassing $3 million in volume. This initial phase has been crucial in refining the platform’s capabilities and ensuring a secure and seamless user experience.

Upcoming Phase 2 Testnet

Building on the success of Phase 1, RunesFi is gearing up for the launch of Phase 2 of its testnet. This phase will introduce new features and enhancements designed to further improve the platform’s performance and user experience. Participants can look forward to additional incentives and rewards as they contribute to the ongoing development of RunesFi.

jAk5E_9FTqHRZpLkIxURQ9npghYVP6CI2h-9AAEp8iDJLFwP1w61LZ7l_PD9PibpX4Pqw5AN-yO5wKe9gbvbh7bH9GA49hbJLlI6RkgrgcSxt1G8n3xiy0DF9kwshwpTWW9zUBHSfEg3vIg-0mPDvyo.jpgBacking from Prominent Venture Capital Firms

RunesFi is proud to announce that it has secured funding from renowned venture capital firms. These investments will support the continued development and expansion of the RunesFi platform, enabling the team to bring innovative DeFi solutions to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Embark on the RunesFi ‘Road to TGE’ Adventure

This captivating 4-6 week Galxe campaign marks its exciting token launch celebration. Get ready for the Defi Bull run this season in the BTC ecosystem through Runes Protocol. RunesFi aims to build a one stop shop infrastructure hub in Runes. The journey unfolds in weekly main events, clubbed with engaging side quests to propel individuals to the top of the leaderboard!

As a generous token of our appreciation, the platform allocates 2% of total supply to reward its participants along with random weekly surprise USDT rewards.

About RunesFi:

RunesFi is dedicated to revolutionizing Runes on the Bitcoin network. The platform offers a suite of products including a decentralized exchange (DEX), Runes Bridge, an engraver for creating and managing Runes assets, and various tools to support the Runes DeFi ecosystem. RunesFi aims to provide a secure, transparent, and user-friendly environment for financial transactions and asset management.

RunesFi Ecosystem:

  • Runes DEX
  • Runes Bridge
  • Runes Block Explorer
  • LaunchGround
  • Engraver

Join the RunesFi Community and Follow Their Official resources at:




RunesFi invites crypto enthusiasts, developers, and investors to join its growing community. Stay updated on the latest developments and participate in community discussions by following RunesFi on social media and joining the official Telegram group.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Name: Manoj Kumar

Director of Public Relations, RunesFi

Email: [email protected]

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Press Release

Academic Labs Launches Second Airdrop, AMA Explores AI’s Role in the New Era of Education



Free Crypto Education + Free Airdrop. Academic Labs is offering a giveaway of 5 million AAX tokens and 8000 USDT prizes in the #Homecoming event. And that’s not all.

Singapore – 25/05/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Recently, Academic Labs has announced the launch of its second airdrop event, HomeComing, starting on May 23 at their official website This event promises substantial token rewards and high-quality learning resources, all free for community members. Academic Labs aims to enhance users’ understanding of the industry and maximize their profits during the bullish market.

Academic Labs prudently postponed the token generation event (TGE) for their $AAX token in April due to market conditions. With the crypto market reviving and Bitcoin returning to the $70,000 mark, the Web3 community is excitedly buzzing. Amidst this resurgence, Academic Labs, a project integrating AI into online education, is capturing significant attention. With the market recovering, the $AAX token is expected to launch in the next 2-3 months, rewarding early supporters. The community highly anticipates this announcement.

During a recent AMA co-hosted with Metaera, the Academic Labs team revealed exciting details about the second airdrop and elaborated on their ambitious vision, sparking lively discussions among participants.

The Vision Behind Academic Labs

In the AMA, the Academic Labs team detailed their vision for the project. Academic Labs is a platform blending Web3 and AI technologies to revolutionize adult education through a DAO system, ensuring transparent pricing and sharing of educational resources. Learners can access high-quality content at reasonable prices, and professionals such as traders, marketers, and analysts can gain recognition and funding to profit from publishing educational resources. The platform also features gamified elements to create immersive learning experiences.

CMO Ryan emphasised the goal of reshaping online education with cutting-edge technology to address current pain points and provide users with an efficient learning experience. He highlighted the benefits of gamified learning, especially for adult education. COO Kennick introduced the “learn-to-earn” GameFi model, combining NFTs and tokenomics to build a learner economy, incentivizing users to improve while earning rewards.

The team explained the dual empowerment model of AI and blockchain. Blockchain ensures data integrity, while AI optimizes the system based on user characteristics. PublicAI CEO Steven stated that their expertise in AI data services would help Academic Labs create a high-quality Web3 education ecosystem.

Bright Prospects for Academic Labs

AMA guests praised Academic Labs’ potential. Artist Zhou noted that combining AI with Web3 is a prevailing trend, and Academic Labs’ solid user base and technical prowess position it for great success. WIS of Founder Mini_MiSue analyzed the target demographic, highlighting the alignment between Web3 participants, who are eager learners, and the platform’s audience.

The Academic Labs team has thought deeply about integrating Web3 with AI, understanding user psychology, and Web3’s core values. The dual empowerment of AI and Web3 fits well with current entrepreneurial narratives in the Web3 space. The airdrop is just the beginning; with the introduction of NFT governance and AI systems, Academic Labs is poised for rapid growth, offering long-term investment value for the $AAX token. With the bullish market’s support, Academic Labs is set to become a leader in the Web3 education sector.

HomeComing Airdrop: Double Benefits for Participants

The HomeComing airdrop promises extensive rewards. Users can earn tokens by participating in learning activities, quizzes, or creating courses. The event has been adjusted for a better user experience.

The primary goal of the MVP phase is to test the platform’s operational model, with continuous user interaction to refine the tokenomics before the official token launch. While frequent adjustments may create uncertainty, they reflect Academic Labs’ user-centric approach, aiming to provide top-notch services through constant iteration.

Pre-Airdrop Activities and Multiple Benefits

Ahead of the HomeComing airdrop, Academic Labs has issued the first batch of $AAX NFTs on platforms like Galxe. Users completing learning tasks by May 23 can claim these NFTs, enhancing their token rewards during HomeComing. This initiative not only incentivizes participation but also broadens Academic Labs’ reach.

The HomeComing airdrop will distribute a total of 5,000,000 $AAX tokens and 8,000 USDT. Participation is free, and users can access high-quality courses on blockchain, DeFi, and NFTs, taught by industry experts. This presents a valuable opportunity for those keen to learn about blockchain.

Notably, Academic Labs has partnered with renowned educational institutions, including Blockchain Sensei, which collaborated with Ray Dalio to share financial knowledge. These collaborations ensure the quality of the platform’s courses, enhancing its industry influence. However, Academic Labs must continue to prove its capabilities in creating educational content and AI-assisted teaching to earn long-term user trust.

Transparent Communication in TGE Delay

In a recent AMA with Metaera and Chat3, the Academic Labs team addressed the postponement of the April TGE. They acknowledged that delaying the token launch was necessary to protect user interests in an unfavorable market environment despite some community concerns. This decision underscores their commitment to user welfare.

Academic Labs maintained transparency throughout this period, communicating progress through various channels, embodying the Web3 ethos of openness and user engagement. This approach redefines the relationship between project teams and users as a collaborative partnership.

During the delay, the team proactively sought new opportunities, engaging with additional exchanges to enhance token liquidity and making strides in AI technology development, ensuring robust support for the project’s long-term growth.

Conclusion: Forging Ahead with Educational Empowerment

The AMA highlighted Academic Labs’ dedication to addressing user needs and collaborating with industry partners to build a new Web3 education ecosystem. Their vision of leveraging advanced technologies to transform educational services resonates widely, promising better learning experiences and aiding the digital transformation of traditional education institutions.

Looking ahead, Academic Labs aims to be a crucial link between technological innovation and educational reform, leading the sector into a new era. Achieving this goal depends on continued product development, marketing, and community-building efforts. Strengthening these foundations will enable Academic Labs to secure a lasting position in the competitive Web3 landscape.

As users and industry observers, we eagerly anticipate Academic Labs’ progress, maintaining a cautious but hopeful outlook. Regardless of the challenges ahead, staying true to their mission and persevering will ensure Academic Labs can significantly impact the Web3 education field, empowering countless learners worldwide.

For more information and to participate in the HomeComing airdrop, visit

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