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Introduction to Lucky Day



The International version of Lucky Day’s eco-app was launched on December 12

Lucky Day is a pan-community-based game ecology built with the efforts of blockchain technology. Through blockchain technology, high-quality game de velopers, game platforms and game players around the world are united to re shape the value hammer of the game industry, aiming to build a truly open, t ransparent and fun blockchain game kingdom.

Two, Lucky Day game chain design

principle and implementation method

There are many giants in the game industry, and there are various risks, i ncluding industry risk, market risk, risk of core personnel loss, financial risk and so on. Making games in a decentralized corporate way may solve these prob lems in the game industry, but the existing blockchain platform, limited by hig

h transaction costs and limited computing power, is not suitable for the game industry.Therefore, we design and develop the game chain for these risks and pain points.

Lucky Day is determined to become a leader in the application of blockch

ain and games industry. A new wave of assets will be triggered around the str

ong digital capital ecosystem of games and finance industry.

As a bridge between game developers and players, Lucky Day does not charge any platform fees and returns the game distribution fees to game developers, who will have more capital to invest in research and development and focus on providing better games for the majority of players.

Traffic support

Lucky Day provides high-quality community content to the core user base of game developers by motivating players through the passbook economy.Make developers bring their own traffic fission, enjoy the platform’s internal and external traffic, increase user stickness, steadily increase user traffic, realize the positive self- governance of game ecology, and increase the conversion rate of game developers’ wisdom achievements.

Technical service

Lucky Day provides game developers with their own kits, as well as revenue solutions, marketing solutions, payment interfaces, and more. Reduce the promotion cost, improve the promotion efficiency, and lower the threshold for game developers to enter the block hammer game industry.At the same time, Lucky Day links the digital achievements to enhance the copyright protection of the game creators’ intelligent digital achievements.

Global game pan-community

Lucky Day global game community through the module combination and i nformation sharing, integration of the news, BBS, social, q&a, live online applic ation form, with their own economic incentive mode, increased the conjunction

of the players and game content creators, enhance the enthusiasm of the pla yers of the game, added the creation inspiration of game content creators, ac hieve a global game companies, developers, autonomous community league g ame players.

The global game community will continue to inject traffic into Lucky Dav a nd become the traffic aggregator for the project.

Issuance Plan

Lucky Day will be divided into four stages.

The first stage

Complete the Lucky Day!Support system, security system, cross-micro communi cation, multi-chain fusion, intelligent contract, consensus mechanism, distributed

storage and other underlying technologies.

The second stage

Get through the finance, commerce, game, mall, entertainment payment and o ther industries and applications, and establish the blockchain game industry ec ology.

The third stage

Build global community consensus and access to Lucky Day ecosystem: Build i ndependent and inspiring communities to help Lucky Da’s ecological developm ent.

The fourth stage

Carry out global market resource integration, carry out business cooperation w orldwide, promote the multi-field and multi-level application of Lucky Day, an

Lucky Day Foundation

Lucky Day will engage in the following activities:

Guide and supervise LUCKY DAY’s development and system maintenance; Adopt the best practice governance principle to promote the security and stab ility of LUCKY DAY blockchain ecosystem;

Fund activities that promote the LUCKY DAY ecosystem and related projects.

Governance Principles

The principle of LUCKY DAY Foundation is to support and coordinate the resources of blockchain community, supervise and guarantee the norm al operation of LUCKY DAY ecology, and help people better understand th e changes brought by blockchain technology and the development of LUC KY DAY project.To promote the use of blockchain and related technologies by LUCKY DAY enthusiasts, developers, regulators, technicians, practitioners and users around the world through joint efforts in education and publicit y campaigns.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee will consist of at least five members, including at least one LUCKY DAY member and at least two independent advisers.At least f our meetings a year. Advise LUCKY DAY members on their governance.In orde r to ensure continuity, the initial terms of office of members of the Committee are 1 – and 2-year. After that, all advisers will serve two-year terms.LUCKY DAY

members will be responsible for appointing or dismissing LUCKY DAY’s manag ement team.The LUCKY DAY program assigns a treasurer and a legal director t o be the initial management team for LUCKY DAY.

The management team will be responsible for: legal and financial manage ment. Oversee the authorization management process, covering application ma nagement, financial tracking and reporting, and operational delivery and report ing. Periodic reports to the Advisory Committee.

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Press Release

Will Bulls or Bears Take Charge? $GFOX Set to 10X As $BONK Suffers Losses



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The crypto market is currently witnessing a tug-of-war between bulls and bears, with Bitcoin's price movements suggesting a possible bearish reversal. Despite a bullish sentiment that spread among all the best altcoins, there's a looming possibility of a downturn. Bitcoin's price already shows signs of slowing down after surpassing $38,000.

In the middle of this, two tokensGalaxy Fox ($GFOX) and Bonk ($BONK)have shown contrast paths that provide an insightful analysis of investor mood and market trends.

The Rise of Galaxy Fox ($GFOX)

In these uncertain times, when even some of the best altcoins start to struggle, Galaxy Fox shines brightly as a symbol of possibility and resilience. $GFOX is a unique hybrid DeFi architecture that smoothly blends play-to-earn platforms, staking, NFTs, and meme currencies.

The platform's focus on gaming is especially fascinating. It provides a cutting-edge Web 3.0 game that is both engaging and provides genuine income potential. With 50% of the prize money split among the top 20% on the leaderboard, players may win substantial prizes. This gamification gives the platform an interesting dimension that elevates it beyond the status of a simple financial instrument.

The ecosystem of $GFOX includes a booming NFT marketplace in addition to gaming. These NFTs are more than just collectibles; they improve users' game experiences by providing more competitiveness and agility.

The careful planning and long-term sustainability of $GFOX's approach is seen in its tokenomics. Each transaction has a portion designated for the treasury, staking pools, and liquidity pools to preserve market stability and liquidity. Also, the deflationary approach encourages long-term holding instead of short-term trading, which aligns with the goals of dedicated community members.

The early success of this new ICO crypto has been largely attributed to its presale approach. There are 10 phases to the presale, and the token price rises with each one. Potential investors feel pressured by this best ICO design, which also encourages early investment. More than $450,000 has already been raised after the first presale stage. The second stage has just opened, so make sure you join in and benefit from 9 more price boosts throughout the presale.

$BONK is on a Rocky Road

Bonk is in sharp contrast to $GFOX. Even though $BONK has increased by almost 4,500% so far this year, recent difficulties have clouded the company's trajectory.

$BONKs placement on Binance's perpetual futures market may represent a token value shift. After the news, $BONK already experienced a 14% price drop, a development that has raised investor concerns.

Historically, when Binance lists smaller cryptocurrencies, their values often peak and then decline. This was the case with $PEPE, whose value plummeted post-listing. Perpetual futures enable traders to short-sell, betting against the token's price, which can lead to increased volatility. This is particularly relevant for cryptocurrencies like $BONK, which may not withstand such speculative pressures.

Recent signs suggest that $BONK's price is now losing momentum, potentially ending its recent upward trend.


The market reaction to $BONK's listing on Binance's perpetual futures emphasizes the importance of real value and strong market support for volatile cryptocurrencies. This scenario highlights the increasing interest from investors in tokens like $GFOX, which distinguishes itself with its play-to-earn components, integrated DeFi architecture, and NFT integration. With these characteristics, $GFOX is well-positioned to weather market fluctuations and become an attractive competitor among the best altcoins.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

Memecoin market is saturated with silly dog coin knock-offs and dodgy Pepe joke coins. What was once a thriving and fun-filled space has lately devolved into a wasteland of coins that lack real utility or serious development or even something just to make you laugh, like OG memcoins of the past Doge and Shiba Inu once inspired.

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What is the bet365 70% Parlay Boost Promo?



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bet365 has another fantastic offer for keen sports fans to claim when placing a parlay bet on the site. In this article, we will be discussing all things bet365 and why it is one of the best sportsbooks in the United States, as well as dive deeper into the sites 70% Parlay Boost Promo on offer from the site in more detail.

What is bet365?

As one of the biggest and best sportsbooks in the industry, bet365 certainly stands out in any market. It focuses on quality and offers some of the best sports betting odds and markets that can be found among competitors. Players in most US states can play at bet365 legally thanks to the lifting of online gambling laws; however, there are still a few of the states excluded. It is fully accessible on a PC and is fully optimized for cell phones, too. bet365 has its own dedicated mobile app that can be downloaded across iOS and Android devices for free!

bet365 70% Parlay Boost Promo

Sports fans in the US can claim a fantastic 70% Parlay Boost promo from the site when creating a new account. This offer is currently on offer and available to claim on sports such as the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, MLB, NHL, and many more! Place a pre-game parlay of two or more selections from the qualifying leagues and if your bet is successful, bet365 will add a boost of 5% up to 70% to your winnings. The boost amount is dependent on the number of selections placed. This boost promotion is only available to new and eligible players at bet365.

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Learn more about the incredible bet365 sportsbook at News Direct.


This is a fantastic opportunity to get started playing at bet365 sportsbook. With an offer that is hard to beat anywhere else and being on a site as established and reputable as bet365, players will not be disappointed. Head to the website now and sign up to claim your 70% Parlay Boost Promotion.

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Press Release

New Altcoin Is Setting Record Pace: Can It Challenge Cardano and Ethereum In 2024?



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As we Meme Moguls 2024, the crypto arena is witnessing unprecedented developments, with this new entrant showcasing robust growth metrics and potential. But can it truly rival the dominance of well-entrenched giants like Cardano and Ethereum?

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Cardano Developments and 2024 Predictions

Cardano, currently priced at $0.3868, has been on an impressive upward trajectory, gaining 6.83% over the last week, and 32.87% in the past month. These figures hint at the growing investor confidence in Cardanos fundamentals and its roadmap for 2024. Still, Cardano has seen only 25.88% growth over the past year, modest compared to many other major players.

The year ahead is pivotal for Cardano, with significant technical upgrades like Input Endorsers and Hydra, and the integration of Mythril, which are set to enhance its transaction capacity, wallet synchronization, and overall network efficiency.

The Cardano Improvement Proposal (CIP) 1694 is expected to revolutionize its governance model. With its liquid democracy system, the network is set to become fully decentralized.

Price predictions for Cardano (ADA) in 2024 suggest a potential high of $2.02, with an average price of $1.695, and a potential low of $1.37. This forecast is influenced by factors such as the 4th Bitcoin halving and the rise of centralized finance institutions entering DeFi. Ethereum (ETH), on the other hand, is predicted to reach a potential high of $3,825.09, with an average price of $3,182.36, and a minimum price of $3,067.39 in 2024.

Ethereum Set for Strong 2024

Ethereum, with its current price standing at $2,063.41, has demonstrated a robust performance, marking a 15.75% increase over the past month and an impressive 76.16% growth over the last year. This sustained upward trend underscores Ethereum&#39;s resilience and innovation in the face of emerging competitors.

As Ethereum marches into 2024, it continues to build on its strengths with a roadmap focused on cheaper transactions, enhanced security, and a better user experience. Key developments like the implementation of staking withdrawals and scalability improvements through rollups are set to bolster Ethereums position further.

The integration of features such as proposer-builder separation and account abstraction underlines Ethereum&#39;s commitment to future-proofing the network, ensuring it remains a formidable contender against any new altcoin entering the fray.

Ethereum (ETH) is predicted to reach a potential high of $3,825.09, with an average price of $3,182.36, and a minimum price of $3,067.39 in 2024.

Meme Moguls Set to Beat Both Ethereum and Cardano

Meme Moguls, a relatively new entrant in the cryptocurrency space, is poised to outperform giants like Cardano and Ethereum in 2024. With its innovative approach, combining meme culture with digital asset trading, Meme Moguls offers a unique value proposition. Its potential for 100x growth stems from several key factors:

Community-Driven Platform: Meme Moguls is built around a strong community focus, leveraging the viral nature of memes to engage users and drive platform growth.

Staking and Rewards: Offering lucrative staking options and rewards for platform engagement, Meme Moguls incentivizes user participation and investment, fueling its growth potential.

Exclusive Features: With unique offerings like the Moguls Casino and the Moguls Exchange Trading Platform, it provides an engaging experience beyond traditional crypto trading platforms.

Robust Tokenomics: Meme Moguls has a well-structured token distribution, with a significant portion allocated for ecosystem development and exchange listings, which supports long-term growth and stability.

Market Positioning: As a meme-based utility token, it taps into the growing popularity of meme coins, a market segment that has shown explosive growth potential.

These factors, combined with a bullish crypto market outlook for 2024, position Meme Moguls favorably for exceptional growth, potentially outperforming established players like Cardano and Ethereum. The token is currently in its presale stage and can be acquired at $0.0021.

Visit Meme Moguls

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