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How To Play The Underlying Protocol Of The Metaverse? Lets Take A Look Of WoW Solution



The future has come, curtain of the Metaverse has opened

In 1992, Neal Stephenson put forward the concepts of “Metaverse” and “Avatar” in his science fiction novel “Snow Crash.” The plot of the book takes place in the future setting of a real human living in a virtual space with a virtual human through a VR device.

In 2003, the first phenomenal virtual world “Second Life” was launched. The explorers team said that it was not a game. “There were no conflicts to create and no artificially set goals”. People could socialize, shop, build and do business in it. People experience the parallel world on the Internet for the first time.

In 2021, Facebook announced an investment of US $50 million, based on AR and VR technologies, to develop the Metaverse: a digital world where multiple people can live at the same time.Zuckerberg announced that he wanted to build Facebook into a Metaverse company.

History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme!

The dream of the Internet at the beginning of its birth seems to be moving towards reality. We may really become ready” player 1 “in Spielberg’s films.

Blockchain, the most important underlying technology of the meta universe

But can Facebook make a Metaverse? Many people disagree, because in addition to AR and VR, there is another area that can not be ignored – Blockchain. Facebook’s genes doomed it to be difficult for him to embark on the road of decentralization.

From the perspective of infrastructure, all transactions in virtual space-time need a technology to ensure the security of transactions and the reliability of account books.

From the perspective of governance, we need to ensure the fairness of the birth of the virtual world, and people no longer need a centralized virtual space-time controlled by authority

Under the framework of blockchain: we can have social platforms based on rules and algorithms, digital currency and economy platforms based on blockchain, and content platforms based on UGC.

Everything has its origin, so the underlying protocol of the metaverse is particularly important.Many of Blockchain projects are trying to contribute their own answers to this question.We will analyze one of the projects, the WoW Metaverse, what they are doing for it ?

Like all metaverse projects, WoW Metaverse first built its own story:

After experiencing many difficulties, elves and humans beat back the giant animal’s army by letting humans learn magic.The 51 magicians who defeated the giant animal army became archbishops, jointly formed the Hall of Elders and became the leader of the whole human elf alliance.The magicians who lead WoW open a new legend with their own wisdom, which is WoW Metaverse.

The Hall of Elders composed of archbishops is the highest authority in WoW World.In addition, there are 10200 chief priests, attached to the archbishop, who are powerful members of WoW World and maintain the daily stability of WoW.

All humans and elves in WoW are eager to try, strive for 51 archbishops and set up a team to gain the greatest influence for their team and lead tribal residents to create WoW Metaverse ecology.

Users can obtain Archbishop NFT through purchase on the official website. With Archbishop NFT and 100 magicians in the magic team, you can divide 50% of the mining tax every month.

Get the Priestly NFT through the official website. Each Priestly NFT can receive 1000 WOW as a bonus and divide 10% of the mineral tax every month.

Other ordinary users only need to hold 200 WOW tokens to become a WoW magician, and can participant the mining of the bounty pool.

These three constitute the strongest governance framework in WoW World.In order to balance the ecological competition, WoW also provides a variety of playing methods such as blind box, upgraded, Hunters for bonus, token destruction and so on.

Through the creation of authority structure and playing methods, and the circulation of NFT and governance token, the governance protocol of WoW World is slowly launched.

After careful study, we can see that the whole governance protocol has the following advantages:

—Low threshold

Users can mining without staking which its holding is mining, reduces the access threshold of Metaverse.

—High liquidity

By setting the minimum threshold, strengthen the transaction motivation and ensure the flow foundation.

—High fairness

There is no monopolize holder,balance will be automatic adjusting by whole net.

—High promotion

very positive promotion mechanism to make marketing efficient,here is no chance to get benefit without working,fair is platform’s principle

—High retention of users

value exchanging keep users stay the platform forever and build a very prosperous ecology

Whether WoW’s scheme can realize the above advantages remains to be verified in time, but it clarifies what characteristics a healthy and lasting Metaverse governance agreement should have in order to completely activate the door of the new world.

After the door is opened, the metaverse can not complete the closed loop until the real UGC is realized. These directions are also mentioned in WoW’s planning. AS the following three points

—NFT Platform

The full name of NFT is non fungible token, which is an important trading medium of metaverse. In addition to building a perfect NFT trading platform with famous artists and collections, metaverse will also actively explore and expand its influence in domain name, copyright, bill and other markets.

—Game BaaS platform( Blockchain as Service)

The Metaverse ecology will provide you with complete meta universe game scenes:

Users can choose games freely, participate in games fairly and even create games independently by themselves.

Mature games will be organically combined with blockchain. BaaS system helps more games break through the closed economic system and become a P2E game.

—WoW social platform

Anyone can create “avatars” in the metaverse. In the future, there will be friends on the platform of each metaverse, which can realize barrier free communication. Therefore, the research on compatibility (cross chain) development will play an important role.

William Ford Gibson, a famous science fiction novelist and writer who once wrote “Neuromancer”, once said:

The future is already here, it is just not evenly distributed

We don’t know how the Metaverse develops, but we may be able to ask the right questions from innovators such as WoW Metaverse.

Learn more about WoW Metaverse?

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InteracInvestor Review – Giving Traders Up-to-Date Information and Tools



–News Direct–

InteracInvestor Review

An online broker that provides you with all the relevant information and advanced tools can help you grow your career. It ensures that you can have all the things you need to get a competitive edge over others in finding opportunities. You might be thinking that finding such type of platform can be challenging. But let me give you the good news that I have done all the hard work for you to write this InteracInvestor review.

With proper examination and thorough assessment of various online brokers, I was finally able to find one that fulfills your trading needs. Here is what you can get from the broker platform.

Easy Sign-Up Process to Get Started with Crypto Trading

The special thing about the trading platform that sets it apart from others is its sign-up process. Over the years, I have come across various online brokerage firms that require traders to go through a long and hectic registration process. This would mean that they would have to provide unnecessary documents. Any online broker that has a tedious sign-up process or requires you to fill out lengthy forms is a warning sign that you might incur potential problems in the future.

However, that is not the case with the InteracInvestor trading platform since it allows you to get started with the platform in a matter of a few minutes. All you have to do is provide a few basic details. Therefore, this robust trading platform helps you to enjoy a streamlined experience.

Choose the Account Type That Fits Your Needs

Another great thing about the trading platform is that it ensures traders have the right account type that can fit their needs. The different account types allow traders to choose the one suitable for their requirements. For instance, if you are a trader who is just starting their journey, then you might want to go for the basic account. It would require a low deposit amount to get started.

On the other hand, experienced traders can go for the advanced trading account type. This will give them access to analytical tools and other features that can help them make the right trading decisions. Either way, every trader can find the relevant account type according to their preferences.

Limited Leverages for Lower Account Plans

No matter how easy crypto trading may look, it is not an easy task. A complete plan of action is required before taking any step. Therefore, traders are always looking out for ways in which they can increase the outcome of each transaction that is done. That is where leverage comes into play. They are a great option if you want to increase your transaction size and make the most out of their trading efforts. With the broker platform, you can upgrade your account to unlock higher leverages.

Through leverage, you can increase the size of your trade without investing your own funds. You can easily borrow from this platform, which is a great method to increase returns. Although it seems a little difficult to upgrade my account, it is a highly effective method to ensure that only skilled traders are using higher leverage. Thus, this reduces the risk of financial concerns of new traders.

Get a Pop-up Notification

A frequently asked question by novice traders includes how they do not miss favorable trade opportunities. This is considered to be a legitimate concern, and I agree with it. You don't have to worry about it because the InteracInvestor broker platform would provide you with constant updates. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that you will know what is happening in the market.

To mitigate the risk of missing any trading opportunities, the Interac-Investor broker platform offers its users a feature of instant alerts. This gives them the option to send regular updates about the market. And since the InteracInvestor trading platform has a web-based portal, you can access it from anywhere and carry out the relevant trades.

Is Scam or Legit?

You might have this question in mind and that is why I also brought it up in this review. There are different things that make an online crypto trading platform great. And as you can see in this review, the InteracInvestor trading platform has almost everything that any particular trader would need to make the right decisions. So, I would say that this a platform that is worth your trust.

Final Thoughts

The whole idea of writing this Interac-Investor review was to save you from the hassle of finding a platform that gives you updated information and cutting-edge tools. With this platform by your side, you can enjoy a streamlined trading journey. A secure trading atmosphere, advanced analytical features, and different asset indexes is just the thing you need to have a balanced portfolio.

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Gregory Phillips

[email protected]

Company Website

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Alex Fedotoff Announces eCommerce Scaling Secrets Course For Online Businesses



Designed for marketing experts, entrepreneurs who already have some knowledge of e-commerce, and individuals seeking personalized coaching, the new eCommerce Scaling Secrets course will guide participants through product research, techniques for leveraging Facebook ads, marketing funnels, and other strategies for online businesses.

For more information, please visit

With the launch of the course, founder and instructor Alex Fedotoff aims to highlight common pitfalls that e-commerce entrepreneurs often face. According to Fedotoff, as many as 90% of dropshipping businesses fail within their first year, a statistic that he attributes mainly to poor marketing funnels. As such, he has created the eCommerce Scaling Secrets program to help fellow online business owners improve their funnel strategies and increase their revenue.

The self-paced course consists of five sections, with a focus on Facebook advertisements as the main marketing method. Throughout the program, participants will learn about proper product research, store and funnel setup, and dropshipping order fulfillment. Fedotoff notes the importance of understanding the target audience, as this will allow entrepreneurs to better garner interest among their consumer base. Additional business strategies include ad placement and scaling, improving conversion rates, showcasing testimonials, streamlining the checkout process, and creating a sense of urgency through limited offers.

The course also includes live product research sessions, optimal pricing, and tips for increasing productivity and sourcing from reliable suppliers. Although the training places a heavy emphasis on Facebook, Fedotoff will hold sessions on using other social media platforms, such as TikTok, for advertisements. Participants will have access to additional programs within the main course, and they can also receive business coaching from Fedotoff and his team.

About eCommerce Scaling Secrets

The eCommerce Scaling Secrets program was founded by Alex Fedotoff following his long tenure as a successful online entrepreneur. Fedotoff is well-versed in consumer psychology and is a trusted authority in many e-commerce circles, where he provides consulting services to a number of major brands.

“The program is designed for entrepreneurs who already know a little about e-commerce and are ready to take their business to the next level,” says Fedotoff. “With my program, entrepreneurs will learn how to create highly effective sales funnels and use Facebook ads and other social media platforms to scale their businesses beyond what they thought possible.”

Interested parties can learn more or enroll in the program by visiting

eCommerce Scaling Secrets

1688 Meridian Ave

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Disclaimer: The views, suggestions, and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Digi Observer journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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Press Release

New York Commercial Vehicle Magnetic Signs For Business Advertising Launched



The latest product launch brings additional advertising options to New York business owners looking to expand their local reach. Mobile promotions are particularly effective for this purpose, suggests Big Daddy’s Signs – with the ability to pique the interest of passersby and motorists across a wide target area.

For more information see

Using Big Daddy’s Signs’ new custom vehicle magnets, small and medium-sized brands throughout New York State can make their business more recognized. Driving around with such materials attached to their vehicles, whether cars or trucks, essentially generates continuous advertising while on the move.

Extended customization only boosts the impact of mobile advertising via vehicle magnets, advises Big Daddy’s Signs. New York companies can design magnet signs featuring their logos, mascots, brand colors, slogans, addresses, and contact details – significantly improving interest in their business in communities far and wide.

As iterated by a company spokesperson: “Having a well-designed magnet on your vehicle can create brand recognition and help your business stand out from the competition. Vehicle magnets can reach a wider audience as they can be seen by people who are out on the streets, in parking lots, or even at traffic lights.”

To further assist business owners during the design process, Big Daddy’s Signs provides access to an extensive collection of artwork templates. These can form the basis of vehicle magnet themes or serve as an inspirational starting point to help customers create signs in line with their own preferences.

Once ready, Big Daddy’s Signs utilizes an advanced digital printing process that heightens image clarity and sharpness. The better the production, the bigger the effect on onlookers, notes the company. As such, the print shop renders graphics, pictures, and text in high resolution with the intent of making signs noticeable even from afar.

Its vehicle magnets are further manufactured with an emphasis on longevity – a crucial consideration for business owners planning to brave the elements as they promote their brand. Premium-grade materials make up the bulk of the company’s signage products, including weatherproof corrugated plastic and laminate options.

“Vehicle magnets can be easily installed or removed without damaging your vehicle’s paint or surface,” says a Big Daddy’s Signs representative. “They’re also portable, so you can switch them between different vehicles to maximize exposure.”

Big Daddy’s Signs’ new personalized vehicle magnets are now available across the company’s vast New York State shipping area – from Buffalo to Binghamton and beyond.

Interested parties throughout the state can find additional information about the capabilities of vehicle magnets as described by Big Daddy’s Signs at

Big Daddy’s Signs
[email protected]
24 Lexington Drive

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Disclaimer: The views, suggestions, and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Digi Observer journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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