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BLUETTI Launches its Black Friday Sale and A New Portable Power Station In Canada



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Toronto, ON, Nov. 18, 2023 (500NewsWire) — Black Friday 2023 is fast approaching, and BLUETTI, a trailblazer in the portable power industry, is ready for the most thrilling promotion of the year, with astonishing discounts of up to C$1800, starting November 17. From portable power solutions to expandable battery packs, BLUETTI's Black Friday deals are set to power up your world. Additionally, BLUETTI is unveiling the all-new AC70 power generator at an unbeatable early-bird price.

If you're looking for exceptional deals on portable power stations, the time is now to score and save big. And act quickly – these BLUETTI Black Friday discounts won't last forever.

Back Up Off-grid LivingAC300+B300

Was C$4399, Now C$3199, Save C$1200

Switching over in 20 milliseconds, the AC300 system ensures you're never left in the dark. This system offers a scalable capacity, ranging from 3,072Wh to a colossal 12,288Wh when paired with two to four B300 packs. With 3,000W of high power and 16 versatile outlets, you can charge all your essential home appliances like refrigerators, heaters, air conditioners, and more. Plug it into solar panels for 2,400W charging, and you'll have a stable stream of solar energy to weather extended power outages.


Was C$6898, Now C$5698, Save C$1200

The 5,000W AC500 system can run nearly anything in your house, from a home theater system to a coffee maker. Even in frigid conditions, such as -20C, it's up to the challenge thanks to its built-in self-heating feature. A basic 3,072Wh AC500+B300S set can power an 800W refrigerator for 3 hours or an electric blanket for 21 hours. Featuring an expandable capacity capped at 18,432Wh, a responsive UPS, and up to 3,000W of solar charging capability, this system is the ideal off-grid power source for your home or remote cabin.

Power Indoors and Out


Was C$1399, Now C$999, Save C$400

The 16.4kg AC180 has a substantial 1,800W inverter that can briefly surge to 2,700W. That should power most household appliances with its 11 versatile AC and DC outlets. Using the accompanying BLUETTI App, you can activate its Power Lifting mode, which allows you to power purely resistive loads such as heaters and hairdryers at up to 2,700W. Additionally, the 1,152Wh battery can charge from flat to 80% in 45 minutes in Turbo Charge mode with the included 1,440W AC charging cable. Yes, you read that right, no more bulky adapters. If you connect the AC180 to solar panels, it will accept 500W solar input and charge in 3 hours with optimal sunshine. The AC180 also supports a UPS mode with a transfer time of less than 20ms, so you can have an uninterrupted power supply for your remote work at home or outdoors. BLUETTI offers an extended 5-year warranty for peace of mind during power outages and beyond.


Was C$2599, Now C$1819, Save C$780

The flagship AC200MAX boasts a 2,048Wh capacity and 2,200W of output, perfect for your RV adventures, van life, glamping, and off-grid living. Its front panel has 16 versatile outlets that can power all your outdoor essentials, including coffee makers, water pumps, and fridges. Did we mention it can run a 40W CPAP machine for over 80 hours? With its efficient 900W solar intake, you're never left wanting for power as long as the sun shines. Expand its capacity with a B230 or B300 expansion battery, and you can push it to a maximum of 8,192Wh.

Pack Light, Explore Further

New Arrival–AC70

At a launch price of C$679

Readers can get an extra C$20 off the debut price, using the code: PR20

Weighing just 10.2kg, the new AC70 is designed for adventurers like you. Made on the success of the EB70S, its upgraded to offer an impressive 1,000W of continuous output for a wide range of appliances, from refrigerators to blenders. In Power Lifting mode, it can deliver a potent 2,000W of power for hairdryers and small power tools. Its 768Wh LFP battery boasts over 3,000W life cycles. On a single charge, you can charge a 15Wh camera 45 times, a 40W CPAP machine for 12 hours, and a 120W car fridge for 4.7 hours. The AC70 features fast-charging options, including 850W AC input (0%-80% in just 45 minutes) and 500W solar input for a full charge in 2 hours, making it a versatile and convenient power source for short trips or emergency backup. Starting Nov. 17 through Nov. 27, the AC70 power station will be available for an early-bird price of just C$679. Was C$399, Now C$279, Save C$120


Was C$399, Now C$279, Save C$120

For those who value portability, the EB3A is the perfect choice. At only 4.6kg, it's compact and easy to carry around. Despite its toolbox-like size, it delivers 600W of AC power and a 1,200W surge from its 268Wh battery. 9 versatile outlets, including a 100W USB-C port for fast laptop charging and a 15W wireless charging pad, let you power your gadgets all at once. It also boasts a 430W fast AC+solar dual charge that goes from empty to full in 1.2~1.7 hours. Ideal for camping and hiking, the EB3A is also solar-ready with a 200W solar input.

Power More and Longer

B230 Expansion Battery

Was C$1699, Now C$1299, Save C$400

The 2,048Wh B230 expansion battery adds even more juice to your BLUETTI power stations. Equipped with its power button, a USB port, a USB-C (100W) port, and a 12V/10A output, you can use it on its own to power laptops, car fridges, and other devices. It charges up using the T500 Adapter or solar panels, with a maximum input of 500 watts.

B300 Expansion Battery

Was C$2799, Now C$1999, Save C$800

The AC300's companion battery, the B300, offers an impressive 3,072Wh of capacity. It supports a maximum of 700W of dual charging, whether through a combination of 500W AC and 200W solar or dual solar inputs. Like the B230, its built with durable LiFePO4 cells with over 3,500 life cycles before degrading to 80% and serves as a substantial power bank alone.

BLUETTI Black Friday Bonuses

Besides these incredible discounts, BLUETTI's Black Friday sale includes exciting perks like special BLUETTI Lifestyle gifts for purchases over specific thresholds, earning five times BLUETTI Bucks for orders placed between Nov. 17 and Nov. 27, Lucky wheels, and an additional 5% reduction for referring friends. Don't miss out on these once-in-a-year deals! Mark your calendar for Nov. 17 and save big on Black Friday power station deals.


BLUETTI has been committed to promoting sustainability and green energy solutions since its inception. By offering eco-friendly energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use, BLUETTI aims to provide exceptional experiences for our homes while also contributing to a sustainable future for our planet. This commitment to sustainable energy has helped BLUETTI expand its reach to over 100 countries and gain the trust of millions of customers worldwide.

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Tara Fu – Integrated Marketing, BLUETTI

[email protected]

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Press Release

Match System’s CEO Andrei Kutin Announces Full Recovery of $68 mln Stolen Crypto Assets



Summary:  $68 million from the incident occurred on May 3, 2024 related to the “dust” attack were fully returned to the victim today with the participation of the cybersecurity agency Match Systems and the Cryptex cryptocurrency exchange. At the moment, the victim has no complaints against the attacker.

On May 3, 2024, one of the crypto whales became a victim of a classic dust attack (or “dandruff attack”) resulting in the theft of 1,155.28 WBTC, worth over $68 million.

The stolen tokens were received by an unknown scammer to the address 0xd9A1C3788D81257612E2581A6ea0aDa244853a91, from which the funds were moved to the address 0xfB5bcA56A3824E58A2c77217fb667AE67000b7A6. After which the stolen funds began to be distributed in parts to several scammer’s addresses. 

The victim immediately sought assistance from Match Systems. As a result of promptly conducted work, the assets were found and returned to the crypto whale in full in just a week. 

This incident perfectly demonstrates that promptly contacting specialists in case of theft of crypto assets significantly increases the chances of the crypto fraud victim to get them back. Moreover, the earlier the victim seeks help, the higher the probability of getting the stolen funds back in full.

More detailed information about this type of theft is contained in the article:

About Match Systems:

Match Systems, is a leading company specializing in AML services, blockchain investigations, and implementation of compliance procedures for cryptocurrency projects around the world. By leveraging advanced technology and expertise in financial crime detection, the company is poised to help organizations to navigate the complex regulatory landscape as well as minimize the risks associated with digital currencies.

Media contacts:

Name: Joseph Anderson


Email: [email protected]

Address: Dubai, UAE

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Press Release

Arch Town Labs Announces Focus on Investing in and Supporting Non-profit Organizations and Social Impact Initiatives



In the realm of non-profit organizations and social enterprises, funding is a critical factor that often determines the success or failure of the mission. One increasingly popular source of capital is Venture Philanthropy, a practice of making investments in non-profit or social enterprises that aim to generate both a social return and a financial return. In this article, we will explore three prominent venture philanthropy firms that non-profits and social entrepreneurs should be aware of.

Arch Town Labs

Arch Town Labs is a prominent venture philanthropy firm founded by Artem Vershinsky and Pavel Ryzhykh in 2023. It focuses on investing in and supporting non-profit organizations and social enterprises that are dedicated to creating positive social change. This organization believes in the power of social entrepreneurship and uses its resources to help these organizations scale and maximize their impact.

New Profit

New Profit is a venture philanthropy organization that aims to break down the barriers standing between people and opportunity in the United States. It seeks to transform the way America educates its children, propels people towards social mobility, and re-engineers our workforce for the future. The organization provides funding and strategic support to a portfolio of social enterprises to accelerate their impact.

The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation

The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation has been a pioneer in the world of venture philanthropy. The foundation is committed to helping financially disadvantaged youth in the United States. It achieves this by making large, long-term grants to non-profits that have demonstrated the potential to significantly improve the lives of these children.

The Skoll Foundation

The Skoll Foundation is another key player in the field of venture philanthropy. It was established by Jeff Skoll, the first employee and first president of eBay. The foundation invests in, connects, and celebrates social entrepreneurs and innovators who are committed to solving the world’s most pressing problems.

The Omidyar Network

The Omidyar Network is a philanthropic investment firm. It was established by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife Pam. The network supports innovative start-ups and non-profits in areas ranging from education and financial inclusion to property rights and government transparency.


Media Details:

Website URL:

Company Name: Arch Town Labs

Contact Person: Artem Avershinsky

Email: [email protected]

Company Address: London, United Kingdom

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Press Release

Embracing a World of Mutual Understanding among People through Mountain Tourism – “International Mountain Tourism Day 2024” Theme Events Will Kick Off



China, 19th May 2024 – The “International Mountain Tourism Day 2024” Theme Events will be held in Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France on May 29. The Events is hosted by the International Mountain Tourism Alliance (IMTA), a non-profit international organization initiated and established by China. A series of activities will be held around the events theme “Mutual Understanding among People through Mountain Tourism” and the forum theme “Mountain Tourism Destinations Responding to Climate Change“, including a launching ceremony, theme forum, promotion conference, negotiation meeting, exhibition, etc. 

Scenery of the Nice Côte d’Azur. Image source: Nice Côte d’Azur Tourism Board 

@Ville de Nice.

The year 2024 marks the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and France, and is also the “China-France Culture and Tourism Year”. France is a cultural and artistic center of Europe and one of the earliest countries to develop mountain tourism, the Theme Events held here will be meaningful. Through multi-perspective, multi-field, and multi-topic discussions and interactions, it will bring in-depth thinking and experience to the attendees. Through various exchange activities, it will showcase and disseminate the development concept of mutual understanding among people, and promote the innovation of the “Mountain Tourism Plus” model.

At the opening ceremony on the morning of May 29, leaders and representatives from IMTA, relevant institutions in Nice, France, relevant Chinese institutions in France, and international organizations will make wonderful addresses and give high-level speeches. At the theme forum, representatives from international tourism organizations, tourism-related institutions and enterprises of related countries, and experts and scholars will propose forward-looking and guiding opinions and solutions based on challenges brought by climate change to mountain tourism, ice-snow tourism and other aspects, as well as the interrelationship between sustainable tourism and climate change. In the afternoon, a Mountain Tourism Promotion & Sino-European Entrepreneurs Exchange Conference will be held to build a platform for exchange and cooperation between mountain tourism industry in China and Europe. With the purpose of exploring models and paths for multi-field and multi-level business cooperation, IMTA will exchange MOU with the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA), World Association for Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training (AMFORHT), and SAS Maxi Event’s FRANCE.

Recently, Serge Koenig, a professor from Ecole Nationale de Ski et d’Alpinisme (ENSA) and an expert from IMTA, and Yang Xiaohua, a mountaineering coach from China, successfully summited Mont Blanc on behalf of the IMTA. According to information, this is one of a series of events of “International Mountain Tourism Day 2024”. Following the successful summit of Mount Everest with the “International Mountain Tourism Day” flag on May 29, 2019, the summit of the highest peak in Western Europe in 2024 symbolizes the contemporary move of mountain tourism in the two countries going forward hand in hand with courage. It not only aligns with the sportsmanship spirit of the Paris Olympics but also vividly reflects the synergy and interaction between sports and mountain tourism, symbolizing the ongoing, upward and forward friendship between the Chinese and French people.

Serge Koenig (right) and Yang Xiaohua successfully summited Mont Blanc, France. Image source: IMTA.

In order to deepen international friendly exchanges and promote understanding and respect of different cultures, IMTA will host the “Nice Night” Dinner and the Mountain Community & Art Exhibition. The fusion of traditional Chinese Miao and Dong ethnic songs, dances, Western orchestral music, and the interaction between global mountainous natural scenery and humanistic life, will surely bring unique experiences to the guests. During the event, the Global Initiative of “Mutual Understanding among People through Mountain Tourism” will also be released. Relying on mutual learning among civilizations, the inheritance of mountain civilization will be empowered with new connotations of the era and will contribute to enhancing the integration and mutual understanding of world civilizations.

Dong Grand Choir of Guizhou, China. Image source: IMTA, photographed by Wang Xiao.

The “International Mountain Tourism Day” is an international commemorative day initiated and established by IMTA in 2018. At present, it has become an international platform for the global tourism industry and IMTA members to jointly cultivate, participate in, and benefit from. It is an institutional brand for IMTA to participate in the establishment of a global tourism governance system. IMTA will start with “International Mountain Tourism Day” to promote innovation of the “Mountain Tourism Plus” model, facilitate the development of the global tourism industry, and join hands with others in the industry to work together to build a sustainable tourism community a with shared future.

Media Contact

Organization: International Mountain Tourism Alliance

Contact Person: Zhang Yijing


Email: Send Email

Country: China

Release Id: 19052412304

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