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Dezerv – One stop solution for all your investing needs



Bengaluru, Karnataka May 19, 2023 ( – Upgrades happen on professional and personal fronts all the time. Salaried professionals hit milestones like promotions and the addition of new family members every few years.

But sadly, investors don’t upgrade their investment portfolios to match their new personal and financial situations. This is partly due to a lack of direction and awareness. But the primary reason is that investors work with advisors/brokers not equipped to handle a range of products that can adapt to your changing needs.

For example – A broker that offers investment in different asset classes (like equity, bonds, and gold) through various instruments (like mutual funds and stocks) probably doesn’t provide advisory services to help you invest in the right investment products. Or you probably work with an investment advisor with mutual fund expertise only.

Long story short: Your investment portfolio must evolve to reflect the changes in your personal and financial situations. And for this to happen, you must work with investment professionals who are not only experts on a range of investment products but also enable you to invest in them.

Dezerv: Your one-stop investing solution

Dezerv, a wealth tech startup, was founded in 2021 to solve this problem by offering a full stack of expert-led investment products and services. They offer a wide range of products from an easy-to-use ‘Wealth Monitor App’ to ‘Dezerv Innovation Fund,’ an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) that gives you access to high-growth startup investing opportunities.

The people behind Dezerv are veterans of the investment industry, having worked at marquee investment firms like IIFL Wealth, Kotak Wealth, and Anand Rathi Wealth Management.

Courtesy of the founding team’s reputation and the full-stack investing solutions offered by Dezerv, the startup is managing more than Rs. 2,000 crores in just 2 years of operations.

Let’s have a look at the investment products and services Dezerv offers.

Dezerv Wealth Monitor App

The Dezerv Wealth Monitor App is a free and easy-to-use app that helps you identify the red flags in your mutual fund investment portfolio and optimize it.

The app analyzes 4 aspects of your mutual fund investment portfolio:

  • Performance
  • Risk exposure
  • Diversification
  • Investing discipline

A neat feature of the app is it identifies missed gains because of fund underperformance. This is calculated as the difference between the gain/loss of your fund and the gain/loss of the benchmark the fund was supposed to beat.

Dezerv Wealth Monitor has identified more than Rs. 175 crore missed gains across thousands of investors who have used it to analyze their mutual fund portfolios. Further, it has analyzed mutual fund portfolios valued at Rs. 3,000+ crore.

Dezerv also plans to introduce a stock analysis tool in the coming weeks that will help you identify the red flags in your stock portfolio.

Dezerv Mutual Fund Portfolios

Popularly referred to as ‘IPAs’ because of the ‘Integrated Portfolio Approach’ that the Dezerv team has used to construct the mutual fund portfolios.

The best part about this product is that instead of offering individual mutual funds that most other investment platforms do, Dezerv offers diversified investment portfolios. The investment team actively monitors the investment portfolios and rebalances them as and when required.

Dezerv Select Program

Dezerv’s Select Program is reserved for Dezerv’s most elite users. To become a Dezerv Select member, you must invest in either mutual fund portfolios or portfolio management services.

Dezerv Select is a comprehensive wealth management program that helps you get the best out of your money via diversified investment portfolios, expert financial advice and regular reporting and portfolio reviews. Dezerv plans to offer many more exclusive benefits to its Select members in the future.

Dezerv Portfolio Management Service

Dezerv’s Portfolio Management Service is a unique HNI investment product for two reasons:

  • Investment portfolios are constructed using direct mutual funds, not stocks
  • The fixed management fee is 0% instead of the usual 1-2% charged by other PMSes

Both these unique features help boost your investment returns while offering portfolio diversification and customized asset allocation. These features are absent in most other PMS Services in India.

Further, the founders and the core team of Dezerv invest in the PMS heavily, thereby having skin in the game.

Dezerv PMS manages over Rs. 850 crores and has offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi.

Dezerv Innovation Fund

Dezerv Innovation Fund is an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF). AIFs are specialized investment products that pool investor money similar to mutual funds but are reserved for sophisticated investors and require a minimum investment of Rs. 1 crore.

Dezerv Innovation Fund is a category-1 AIF that is set up as an Angel Fund. Simply put, it enables investors to invest in early-stage, high-growth startups. Also, since it is set up as an Angel Fund, the minimum investment required to participate is Rs. 25 lakh instead of the usual Rs. 1 crore.

Summary of Dezerv’s products and services


Product/Service: Wealth Monitor

Description: The app analyzes your mutual fund investment portfolio

Minimum investment: N/A

Feature(s): Get analysis and suggestions to optimize your mutual fund portfolio


Product/Service: Integrated Portfolio Approach

Description: Diversified mutual fund portfolios

Minimum investment: Rs. 50,000

Feature(s): Designed to suit different risk profiles


Product/Service: Dezerv Portfolio Management Services

Description: Customized mutual fund offering with a 0% management fee

Minimum investment: Rs. 50 lakh

Feature(s): A rare PMS that is a mutual fund based. One of the most affordable fee structures.


Product/Service: Dezerv Innovation Fund

Description: Angel fund that enables you to invest in high-growth startups

Minimum investment: Rs. 25 lakh over 4 years

Feature(s): Deal-based investing. Potential to generate higher returns than listed stocks.

Dezerv is rapidly growing and plans to introduce more investment products and services that empower investors to create wealth with expert guidance.

Dezerv is the perfect one-stop solution for all your investing needs.

Source :Dezerv

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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World Mobile Token Announces Cross-Chain Bridges to BNB Chain and Ethereum



–News Direct–

World Mobile has announced the creation of dedicated cross-chain bridges to both BNB Chain and Ethereum. The deployments will provide a secure and convenient way for users to move World Mobile Token (WMT) between Cardano, BNB Chain and Ethereum.

The implementation of cross-chain bridges is part of World Mobiles multi-chain strategy, designed to give more users exposure to its growing ecosystem. By introducing WMT to existing users of BNB Chain and Ethereum, World Mobile will enable more people to tap into its mobile data solution and reap the rewards. The initiative will also increase liquidity for WMT, making it easier for users to efficiently enter and exit positions. Both BNB Chain and Ethereum will be integrated into World Mobiles sidechain AyA, providing increased flexibility for its EarthNode operators.

World Mobiles decision to bridge to BNB Chain and Ethereum comes hot on the heels of its partnership with Conflux Network, the only regulatory-compliant public blockchain in China. As part of that partnership, WMT was bridged into the Conflux blockchain, marking the first time WMT was bridged outside of the Cardano ecosystem. World Mobiles decision to add BNB Chain and Ethereum to its cross-chain destinations was driven by their speed, scalability and high number of active users. BNB Chain in particular has seen strong growth in recent times, surpassing the milestone of two million daily active users.

Zachary Vann, Head of Token at World Mobile Token, said: We are delighted to announce that World Mobile Token is now bridging to both BNB chain and Ethereum, two of the most influential and innovative blockchains in the crypto space. This is a significant step forward for our multi-chain strategy, as it will enable our token to access the rich and diverse ecosystems on both chains. It will also enhance the interoperability and liquidity of WMT, and support further growth of World Mobiles AyA sidechain.

World Mobiles vision is to create a more inclusive and sustainable mobile ecosystem where users can earn revenue and have greater ownership over network infrastructure and data. Expanding its cross-chain reach is part of World Mobiles strategy to onboard more users and create more value for participants in its sharing economy.

About World Mobile

World Mobile was founded with a far-reaching goal: to connect everyone, everywhere while advocating for economic freedom and dignity. Unlike traditional mobile networks, World Mobile is based on blockchain and incentivizes people to be part of a sharing economy that taps into the trillion dollar global telecom market. Individuals and business owners around the world can operate nodes on its network and bring their community online while earning revenue.

Learn more:

Contact Details

Avishay Litani

[email protected]

View source version on


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Tasmania poised to become a global Green Methanol leader – fuelling the next wave of the energy transition.



Development Aerial View

Hydro Tasmania has announced the signing of a term sheet with Bell Bay Powerfuels for the sale of
the decommissioned Bell Bay Power Station, following an Expression of Interest process launched by
Hydro Tasmania in December 2022.

Launceston, Tasmania Aug 3, 2023 ( – Hydro Tasmania has announced the signing of a term sheet with Bell Bay Powerfuels for the sale of the decommissioned Bell Bay Power Station, following an Expression of Interest process launched by Hydro Tasmania in December 2022.

The $1.2B Bell Bay Powerfuels Project currently under development by its Australian parent company ABEL Energy, with financial and project support from Iberdrola Australia, involves a green hydrogen and green methanol production facility, to be built at the power station site.

The selection of the site now accelerates project development, with front end engineering and design- FEED – due to start in a few months’ time. Commercial operation is scheduled to commence in 2027.

The project will also require the development of new power generation assets, to provide sufficient renewable power for the proposed 240MW electrolyser unit. This unit will generate the green hydrogen required for the onsite production of green methanol. This safe, clean-burning, net-zero liquid is currently in strong demand as an emerging fuel for new ships on order by some of the world’s largest shipping companies.

At the proposed 300,000 tonnes per annum of output, this is a global-scale green methanol project, the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. The renewable power assets needed to produce the fuel will be developed with Iberdrola which has
substantial global experience in renewable power generation.

Hydro Tasmania’s Bell Bay Power Station was originally oil-fired when commissioned in 1971. It had its own deep water berth to receive the incoming ocean-going oil tankers. The berth is still in place and will be used by Bell Bay Powerfuels for the export of green methanol. The power station will otherwise be demolished although there is a desire to retain and repurpose some of the other existing structures where possible.
Construction of the project will require about 500 people, with ongoing operations involving about 250+ direct and indirect jobs.
Significant progress has already been made across other project components such as supply of biomass from certified plantations, sustainable water sourcing, engineering capability and green methanol offtake arrangements.

ABEL Energy Pty Ltd |

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ABEL Energy, Michael van Baarle, said:

” This announcement is the start of a very unique period for Tasmanian renewable
energy. We are on the cusp of being a global leader in green methanol production,
the future fuel of world shipping. It’s a great win for all Tasmanians particularly the
Tamar Valley communities of George Town and Launceston.”

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Iberdrola Australia, Ross Rolfe, AO, said:

” Iberdrola Australia’s support for the Bell Bay Powerfuels green methanol project
is part of our broad commitment to helping deliver decarbonisation solutions for
commercial and industrial customers in historically hard-to-abate sectors. In addition
to our partnership with Bell Bay Powerfuels, Iberdrola is providing technical and
commercial support for the project, enabling the development to benefit from our
local market expertise and global capabilities in this emerging technology.”

For more information please contact:
ABEL Energy
Simon Talbot, Director Commercial
e: [email protected]
m: +61 447 599 622

About ABEL Energy

ABEL Energy is an industrial project development company focussing on the production and use of green hydrogen primarily for the production of green methanol. The company is led by some of the most experienced synthetic fuel proponents in Australia, with expertise in chemical engineering, fuel applications and corporate development. It is a member of the Methanol Institute, CO2 Value Australia and BBAMZ Ltd.

More information about ABEL Energy is available at:

About Iberdrola Australia

Iberdrola Australia is leading Australia’s transition to a clean future, today. Our strategy is to put customers at the centre of the renewable energy transition by providing them with firm supplies of clean energy. We partner with our customers to help them deliver their sustainability and renewable energy goals. At Iberdrola Australia we operate one of the largest portfolios of renewable energy assets in the country and we have invested in a fleet of flexible, fast-start firming assets that manage intermittency risks. Iberdrola Australia’s customers include manufacturers, universities, councils, food and beverage producers, electric vehicle manufacturers, commercial property operators, industrial
utilities, timber processors and large-scale infrastructure assets.

More information on our customer offerings is available at:

Source :ABEL Energy

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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Eric North, The Happiness Warrior is here with a different perspective of ‘Pride’



25C2 25A9 2BTony 2BPowell 2BHappiness 2BWarrior 2BEric 2BNorth 2BJanuary 2B8 252C 2B2021 6

New York City, New York Aug 2, 2023 ( – June is the month of Pride when the LGBTQ+ community celebrates and embraces their gender and sexuality. However, people are still unaware of the fact what kind of struggles one goes through to find out and establish their gender identity. Eric North takes this opportunity to redefine ‘Pride’ for everyone while sharing his turmoil and offering a potential dose of motivation to stay true to self. While most people consider that ‘Pride’ is all about festivities and parades, the true meaning is lying underneath. Eric feels, somewhere around the celebration; people are missing out on the real meaning of resonating.

As The Happiness Warrior, Eric believes that pride is a form of joyous rebellion that comes with a sense of freedom and is capable of empowering everyone. While it offers an amalgamation of self-esteem and satisfaction, pride is also something that defines a person and makes them proud of themselves. Eric says that Pride is an authentic state of being in alignment with our truth. It is universally true and simple, yet there is so much unnecessary struggle and complexity in it. Eric questions why humans are living in fear of who they really are. To find out the answer, he has to look back at the series of traumatic events that he has to go through until he really found himself, free and proud.

Eric had to struggle in his childhood as he often felt confused and disconnected, which turned him distant. In order to relieve his parents from the shame of having a bad kid, Eric actively tried to change his behavior to please others. His father was emotionally abusive and that made Eric refrain even more about his real identity and who he really was. Similarly, there was his father’s friend Garry who made Eric shrink in fear with stories of beating women and gay men. The misogynistic womanizing air in the house was quite suffocating for him. Eric carefully kept himself hidden until he went to college and could finally address his sexuality without any fear or shame. Though school treated him normally, deep within he knew there was no place for him. In order to save himself and his pride, Eric went out after graduation, and through all these years of practice; he finally become The Happiness Warrior.

It is not just Eric but he knows that many men and women in that era were confused and unhappy and what triggered it even more is the societal prejudice of violence and hatred. As a result, most individuals could find themselves indulged in years of self-loathing and destructive behavior. Eric could never understand the meaning of pride and just like others as most people were discriminated against and made feel guilty and shameful about their gender identity. In the late ’70s, the “me” generation emerged and brought a time of sexual liberation to society. The social landscape was quickly changed with Birth control, a forgotten war, and gay rights. As a result, more people like Eric started to find out and embrace their true gender identity without any fear or shame. From the cringe, rigid and misogynistic society to the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community; the path was not easy and Eric has witnessed it all. Now he believes that a better life is always waiting for all on the other side, all it takes is to step forward.

The constant sense of shame and embarrassment for not living up to the truth can be very disheartening and can lead a person to an existential crisis. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to find out for themselves and stick to their true identity. When a person does not trust in self fully, there will be many missed choices and opportunities. Eric has witnessed that first-hand and now is paving the way for everyone to embrace themselves while achieving true happiness in life. It takes a lot of consistency, determination, and struggle to stay on the right path but it is also true that difficult experiences can make a person braver and more confident. Winning the battle within, Eric became the Happiness Warrior who speaks for and is ready to fight for all. He is showing the route where humans live in pride, free of self-defeating talk and negative emotions.

As the Happiness Warrior, Eric North speaks for every single one of the struggle individuals around the world as he believes in unifying power rather than something very exclusive. The key lies in keeping an open mind and heart that helps to take pride in their ability to be understanding without judgment. The power of self-love and reinvention offers a sense of pride that makes humans believe in themselves. In this pride month, Eric has decided to redefine ‘Pride; for everyone to which all can relate without being a part of any exclusive group. Happiness is greater when it is shared by all and Eric proves that again. Learning how to think freely and advocating for the acceptance of others can turn anyone into a better person. And Eric is offering all the effective tools and practices to embark on the journey.

Eric knows that everyone can take pride in themselves when they know the difference between living their own lives for own selves instead of others. He shows that path that can help everyone raise their self-esteem while finding the ‘perfect’ version of every individual. It is the only path to true happiness which now can be easily gained as everyone can be more visible and heard in this era. Pride isn’t something that one group holds alone, but something that can unify everyone together. Eric believes that every individual can have more pride when they are able to realize the connections in their lives that draw humans together. The happiness gets greater magnitude when self-esteem rises and people can actually value themselves for who they really are. Celebrate this Pride month and connect with the Happiness Warrior at

Media Contact

Tom Estey Publicity & Promotion

[email protected]

518 248 6174

Source :Tom Estey Publicity & Promotion

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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